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Rewriting History

Rewriting History “Any written history inevitably reflects the thought of the author in his time and cultural setting.” -Charles A. Beard  I was in grade

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Domestic Violence

Power and Children

He is Everyman. You run into him several times every day. He delivers your mail, or writes prescriptions to help you feel better. He calculates your taxes; he answers the phone when you have questions about a bill you received.

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Old Days and Urinals

We’re traveling through Spain these days. Yes; it’s exotic at times. The views are spectacular. The food is different. If I didn’t know Spanish there

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Inexcusable Behavior

Inexcusable Behavior   “When you’ve done something inexcusable, You try to ease your conscience by telling yourself That someone, somewhere would forgive you.” -Alain-Fournier  

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